Business contracts and consultancy

We assist businesses in the drawing up of different contracts. In business contracts we aim at an arrangement that promotes the client’s business activity and is juridically clear. A well-formulated contract prevents the rising of disputes and helps to manage the risks of business operations.

The distribution of the juridical responsibilities and risks attaching to a contract affects the profitability calculation of the business transaction. It is therefore useful to go over the essential contractual options with an expert before agreeing on the prices. 

We give advice to our client firm and examine the contracts in a wider juridical framework. Among other things, we examine matters concerning competition legislation, protection of the business idea and immaterial property rights (IPR), responsibilities of public authorities, tax issues, the protection of creditors, and the rights of third parties.

A firm’s scope for action is restricted, at the risk of liability for damages, by the norms set in labour law, environmental law, tax law, criminal law, and competition legislation. We will help you to steer clear of the rocks of responsibility issues.

We assist firms in procedures concerning public procurements, taxation, and administrative matters and in appeals to the Finnish Market Court and other courts of law.

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