Inheritance and testament matters

We draw up testaments that fulfil the testator’s intention as authentically as possible. We also assess the provisions of the testament from the point of view of distribution of the estate and inheritance taxation in order to avoid needless problems or taxes later on.

We also help out in matters of inheritance advancement. We explain to the client the taxation effects of inheritance advances and other gifts. We also tell them about other tax-beneficial ways of helping out their heirs.

We assist clients with the estate inventory and drawing up the estate distribution agreement. A competently performed estate inventory is also a good starting point for the upcoming administration and distribution of the estate.

When needed, we also help with finding an executor and with the distribution proceedings. Our attorneys also act as court-appointed administrators and executors of estates.

We will also take on legal proceedings concerning contestation of an estate distribution or a testament and the supplementing of the statutory portion.

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