Company acquisitions

In company acquisitions we assist both sellers and buyers. In negotiating the deal and drawing up the documents, it is essential to retain the services of an experienced professional in the field of company acquisitions.

Usually, the costs of getting expert help are reasonable in relation to the value of the sale. Retaining expert help from early on usually shortens the time required to reach an agreement.

When assisting the seller, we strive to make sure that the seller is released from personal liabilities and that the liabilities related to the sale are reasonable. Even before the sale, we are able to assess the possibilities of preliminary measures serving the interests of the seller, such as balance sheet arrangements or demerger.

When assisting the buyer, we help out in assessing the real circumstances of the company and minimizing nasty surprises. We give advice on how the capital of the company to be bought can be used in financing the deal. We help the buyer to negotiate warranty clauses that reduce the buyer’s risk.

We assist the client by assessing the taxation aspects of the transaction and, if so agreed, we petition the tax authorities for a binding preliminary ruling.  

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