Divorce and matters of children

Ending a marriage and a shared household involves dividing property between the spouses. We will bring our expertise to bear in helping you with matters relating to the partition and division of the joint estate of the spouses, such as drawing up a written partitioning agreement. We also serve as executors of estates appointed by a court of law.

Ending a marriage or domestic partnership often involves issues concerning children. One of our attorneys, Kristiina Vola, specializes in such issues.

We help parents to agree on the custody, living, visiting rights, and support of their underage children.

Our personnel is also experienced in the so-called Follo mediation, in which parents agree on disputed issues in the presence of a judge and a number of mediators. We also help parents in a court of law, which is the instance that ultimately decides on disputes concerning the custody, living, and support of the child.

We also draw up pre-nuptial agreements and corresponding agreements in case of termination of a domestic partnership. With such agreements, couples can exert an advance influence on the way their estate is divided in case they part ways.

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