Standard contractual terms (2011) applied to commissions accepted by the Law Office Simonen & Savolainen Oy Ltd

These standard contractual terms have been either given or sent in connection with the confirmation of the commission to the ordering party, who will be hereinafter referred to as “the Client.”

The contractor's contact information

Law Office Simonen & Savolainen Oy Ltd; Business ID 0822906-1; listed in the Register of Law Offices; Address: Kirkkokatu 27, 80100 Joensuu, Finland; Tel. +358 13 129717, Fax +358 13 129357; Web address: The Law Office Simonen & Savolainen Oy Ltd will be hereinafter referred to as “the Law Office.”

Management of the commission

The agreed-on attorney’s commission shall be managed professionally and carefully in compliance with the professional ethics among lawyers. The Code of Professional Ethics is accessible (also in English) on the web pages of Suomen Asianajajaliitto (Finnish Bar Association) at

The commission is confidential. Unless otherwise agreed, the Law Office can send unencrypted emails to an email address announced by the Client or used by the Client in the course of the commission, text messages to a mobile phone number used by the Client, faxes to a fax number of the Client, and letter mail, with the sender information of the Law Office visible, to a postal or street address used by the Client.

The charges of the law office

For the work done, the Law Office shall charge a fee that accords with the Law Office’s list of service charges in force at the time of carrying out the commission. The fee shall be reasonable and in compliance with the professional ethics among lawyers. In addition to the fee, the Law Office may charge expenses brought about by the managing of the commission, such as fees of authorities, travel and accommodation expenses, and postal, telephone, and copying charges. The expenses shall be specified in the invoice unless otherwise agreed with the Client. To cover the fee and the expenses, the Law Office can request the Client in the course of the commission to pay a reasonable amount of advance.

The Client may be entitled to apply for benefits associated with legal aid or, possibly, with an insurance for legal costs applying to the case at hand. Unless otherwise agreed, it shall be up to the Client to apply for and receive the benefits. Should a legal aid benefit be granted, then the charging pertaining to legal aid matters shall comply with the law on legal aid matters and the relevant lower-level regulations. As regards the legal costs benefit, the Client shall be responsible for paying the fee and the expenses of the Law Office to the extent not covered by the Client’s insurance company.

Restriction of the liability of the law office and its representatives

For the Law Office and its employees, the maximum total amount of compensation for eventual damages caused in connection with a commission shall be 250 000 euro unless otherwise agreed in writing. Should the damage have been caused by wilful action or gross negligence, then the above-mentioned restriction of liability shall not be applied.

Termination or cancellation of the commission and statement of objections

The Client has the right to terminate the commission at any time. The Law Office has the right to withdraw from the commission only in compliance with the Code of Professional Ethics Among Lawyers. Upon completion of the commission, the commission agreement shall terminate without notice. The consumer has the right to terminate an agreement concluded by phone, by letter, by email, or through web pages or another remote means of communication by giving notice to the Law Office within 14 days from receiving this confirmation. This right to cancel is not in force, however, if the carrying out of the commission has already been started by consent of the consumer or because of the nature of the commission. If the commission has been confirmed by other means than a signed confirmation of the commission, the Client must present his or her eventual objections to these terms to the Law Office by email or another written means within 14 days from the sending of the commission confirmation and the contractual terms. Failing that, the Client shall be considered to have accepted the contractual terms established for the Client.